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Reframing basics

If a person has a sensory experience which they don’t like, what they don’t like is their response to it.

One way of changing the response is to understand that the response itself is not based on what is going on in sensory experience – it is based on the meaning that the person applies to the experience.

If you change what an experience means to a person you’ll change their response to it.

Just as we can change our response to a work of art by placing it in a different frame, we can change our response to an experience by placing that experience in a different frame – effectively reframing that experience.

The two forms of reframing we are going to learn here are a context reframe and a meaning reframe and, for reasons of efficiency, let’s first take a look at the basic steps of the process which are common to both forms.

Your context reframes and meaning reframes will be much more effective when you remember to include these basics.

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